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School Life Simulator – Create Your Fancy and Open School World.

Simulator School Life is a game where you take on the life of an average student at Small Town high school. Located in a tiny rural town, there is no end to the number of zany antics you'll come up with. Thankfully, no one dies, but if anyone gets hurt, they pass out and wake up the next day hating whoever attacked them.

School Life Simulator has simple controls. With your left thumb you move your character around each scenario, and your right thumb takes care of taking out specific actions by way of handy action buttons, including: attack, talk and activate your jetpack.

Each match starts out with your character leaving home, but you can take them anywhere you wish. Run all over Town as you please, talk to tons of different characters, visit their homes, and do anything you want. Are you game for visiting one of your classmates? Go ahead. Or conversely, would you to prefer to wreak havoc in your town? That's all up to you.

One aspect that's particularly fun in Simulator School Life is that you can completely customize your character anyway you want. Pick whether you'd prefer to be a girl or a boy, swap outfits, haircuts, eye color and much more. You can even unlock additional content by watching ads.

Simulator School Life is an excellent 'High School SIM game' that has charming graphics and tons of alternative possibilities. Players can do practically anything they want within the beautiful (and wild) vicinity of the Town.

This game is a "simulator". So, there are many ways to defeat enemies.
Of course, if you want to defeat them by yourself, you can do it easily.
On the other hand, if you want to defeat them without weapons, of course you can.

Enjoy playing this best School Life Simulator!


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    School Life Simulator 1.038.51